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Christian Science Board of Directors meeting in Second Church, London

The Christian Science Board of Directors are planning to visit with The Mother Church members in London on Thursday, October 19, at 7pm, local time. This member meeting, called by the Clerk of The Mother Church, is meant to be a time for sharing and working together to carry forward the spirit of this year’s Annual Meeting focus on feeling together “the divine energy of Spirit, bringing us into newness of life …” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 249:6-8).

We expect this meeting to be an occasion for all to feel that divine energy of Spirit, as we come together with a conscious commitment to seeing how God is advancing the Cause of Christian Science. Then we will find that the results also won’t be just talking about “newness of life.” It will be a genuine experience of newness for our own practice of Christian Science and for the life of our church. And that’s something we feel is worth coming together for. We are feeling a momentum within our church, and we are eager to engage with our dear members on these issues.

This meeting will be open to members of The Mother Church as well as to any student of Christian Science who is interested in church.

CHILD CARE AVAILABLE – Please phone 020 7229 2682 and leave a message

The video will be streamed live on Thursday, October 19, at 7pm, local time.

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